Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Rules For American Hiring

New Rules For American Hiring

Americans are abiding people to the rules of law. Tens of millions of Americans suffered while their jobs went overseas, or illegal aliens replaced them on the job in America, or legal temporary alien workers were brought in to replace additional Americans on the job. A few people complained. A movie was made about the outrageousness of it all. The vast majority of our Federal representatives told us that they would do nothing, in fact they would promote the causes of illegal aliens and H1B Visa alien temporary workers taking our jobs and just look the other way when jobs were outsourced overseas. There has been no public outcry basically.

American businesses large and small seek to outsource overseas whatever they can. We see it everyday. The stores are packed with foreign produced goods. It is difficult to find American made goods. Even services are outsourced overseas such as customer service. How many of us would think we would talk in our lifetime on the telephone to an Indian in India or a Filipino in the Philippines? For many of us it is a regular occurrence.

Illegal aliens own hundreds of thousands of jobs in America because the American government will not enforce the law that exists. The laws exist that illegal aliens are required to be returned to their home countries and employers and landlords are guilty of crimes if they hire or rent to illegal aliens.

H1B temporary worker aliens visas were created to supplement the American worker when not enough American workers are available to do the work. With US unemployment officially at 9.7% and unofficially at 20% there is no need for any H1B right now in America. Tell them all thanks but to go back to their home countries. Employers of H1B alien workers are violating the law because the purpose of the H1B visa was to supplement the American workforce not to replace it.

Many American companies seek the lowest salary levels to pay their workers in America. Twenty years ago, it was paying lower wages in the midwest rather than higher ones in the northeast. Now they contract work to third parties that hire illegal aliens to perform the work at low pay. They think that by having the work done at arms length the companies will keep their good names and not be prosecuted. But it is all a scam to cut costs for office cleanup crews, cafeteria workers, warehouse workers, landscapers, construction workers, hotel workers, and many other jobs. I bet most of the contractors do not even carry workman's compensation insurance, thus breaking the law.

One could say this is an example of the rich getting richer. But this is an example of going too far.
We always has some outsourcing overseas, illegal immigrants, and even the H1B visa for many years but they were all at a moderate level. Now because there has been no public outcry, and no prosecution by our enforcement officials business is optimizing their efforts to replace Americans on the job in America and is too successful. And they are going to continue to do it until there is public outcry and enforcement of the law.

The President says we need these people to do the work in America. But is he not trying to spark employment for millions of Americans? Most of the fast food restaurants in central New Jersey employed local Moms during the day and senior citizens at night ten years ago; now they have been replaced by Hispanics most I believe are illegal aliens. I believe the Moms and Seniors would come back if the jobs were available to American citizens. A Hispanic comedian stated proudly that most of the reconstruction work has been provided in New Orleans by Mexicans. I don't know how the Federal government, the State of Louisiana, and the City of New Orleans would stand for it, if it is true. One would think that it would be best to provide the jobs to the citizens of New Orleans, and then the rest of the State of Louisiana, and finally to other American citizens. If those jobs are pretty much minimum wage jobs with no or little benefits an investigation should be made.

The President was an activist in Chicago. I am sure he would have relished 10,000 apprentice training position in construction which should have been done in New Orleans and the other Hurricane areas for American citizens.

Write to all of your favorite companies. Tell them to hire American. Tell the stores to offer more American goods. Look for American merchandise and buy American first. Tell the automobile manufacturers that 60%, 70%, 80%,or even 90% American is not good enough, that we want 100% made in America.

If you are a member of a union, tell the union to support Americans. The illegal aliens are the problem.

Tell your town, county, state, and Federal representatives that we want the existing illegal alien laws enforced.

Everyone tell their representatives to send all temporary alien workers in America back to their home countries. Tell them to buy American merchandise and to hire Americans. Tell them to send H1B aliens back to their home countries.

Tell your congressmen to start twisting the arms of business to keep jobs here in America and even to bring a few back to our shores.

America is in the worse recession of all time and some say that American unemployment really id beyond 20%. Our representatives and businesses have given American labor a real haymaker and it is time to restore the jobs that have been torn away. The President and Congress miss the point. There are jobs in America filled by illegal aliens and H1B visa holders where Americans can replace them very easily. It is earier than creating brand new jobs.