Saturday, October 07, 2006

Double or Triple Your Reading Speed

How would you like to complete your daily reading in one half to one third of the time it takes today?

Recently I felt that I was getting behind on my reading. Everyday there was reading that I should do but could not get to, not for lack of trying, but just running out of time.

I just completed Dr. Richard Feldman's Speed Reading Course at Union County College in Cranford, New Jersey and I tripled my reading speed and improved my comprehension. This will enable me to accomplish my daily reading in about one third of the time leaving me with a lot of extra time to do other things.

If you never attended a speed reading class or feel your speed has fallen since you last attended a class, look for a speed reading course in your area. I recommend Dr. Feldman's class if you are from the New Jersey, New York, or Connecticut areas where he has scheduled courses documented on his website:

The course takes a baseline reading for starting reading speed and comprehension and after each of several techniques and exercises, measures progress with additional short readings and tests. There are additional short exercises to perform after class for 12 days for reinforcement.

I recommend taking a speed reading course whether you are still in high school or college, in the workforce, or even retired. If you read, you'll benefit.


Blogger Kirby Logan said...

What else is Dr. Feldman trying to sell?

7:32 AM  
Blogger RajminMidbrain Academy said...

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